Streets and Sidewalks

Streets and sidewalks are public rights of way for vehicles and pedestrians. They should be kept clear of basketball hoops, toys, landscaping materials, overgrown bushes, and tree limbs, and other obstructions.
Basketball hoop blocking sidewalk   Junk and debris blocking sidewalk

Duty to trim vegetation   Illegal parking

Inoperable vehicles may not be parked on City streets and/or sidewalks. In order to lawfully operate a vehicle on public roadways, the vehicle must be properly Registered and have visible and current license plates and expiration stickers.  Boats, boat trailers, recreational vehicles, motor homes, buses, horse trailers, utility trailers, camping trailers and any other similar type vehicles may not be parked on City Streets or sidewalks except on a temporary basis, not to exceed seventy-two (72) hours.

Please see Sections 9.24.120 - Sidewalks and parking areas to be kept free of litter, and 12.04.160 - Obstructions on public way prohibited in the Municipal Code for more information.