Animals and Pets

The City of Fountain contracts animal control services to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, 610 Abbott Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80905. Animal complaints and requests for service should be directed to them by calling (719) 473-1741.

For Fountain residents, the maximum number of dogs or cats over the age of four (4) months that may be owned, possessed or kept on the premises shall not exceed a combined total of six (6), of which only four (4) may be dogs, except in properly zoned and licensed kennels. In the case of multiple dwelling units, or in any unit sharing a common wall, such as an apartment building, the maximum number of dogs and cats over the age of four (4) months that may be owned, possessed, or kept in each unit shall not exceed a combined total of two (2).

Dogs must have a current El Paso County license, which shall be attached to the collar. Licenses are available at City Hall, the Humane Society, or from a Humane Society Officer on patrol.

All dogs and cats over the age of 4 (four) months must have a current rabies vaccination.

Responsible pet owners prevent their pets from trespassing onto another's property, running at large, or creating a nuisance by jumping on fences, incessant barking, etc.

Keep you, your neighbors and your pet, happy and healthy by cleaning-up pet waste on a regular basis and as frequently as necessary to prevent accumulation. This helps reduce the likelihood of odor, flies, and communicable disease.

It is the responsibility of the owner to restrain their animals/pets as stated in Title 6 of the Municipal Code. To report an animal at large, contact the Humane Society at (719) 473-1741.

Please license your pets. Pets wearing collars and tags have a greater chance of being reunited with their families!

dog in trash
Dogs running at large are not only in danger of getting injured or killed by vehicles, they also create a nuisance by getting into trash. Eating rotting garbage, meat, bones, and old medications that were thrown away may also endanger their health! 

Help reduce the number of feral cats and unwanted litters by spaying/neutering your pets. There are often many opportunities to receive assistance and/or reduced fees for pet spay/neuter, please check with your vet or Humane Society.
Pot Bellied Pig Image

That cute Pot-Belly piglet that weighs only a couple of pounds, could grow to 100lbs or more. Pot-Belly pigs have an average life span of 12-15 years and like any pet require a great commitment, special diet, and care. Please see Section 6.04.100 - Specific animals prohibited in the Municipal Code for more information.

A Burmese python measuring approximately 6' 2" had to be removed from a home after it latched onto a young teenager's hand with its teeth and wrapped around his arm. Unlike Ball pythons, Burmese pythons can grow up to 25ft long and over 200lbs. They also tend to be more aggressive and there has been more than one death in Colorado attributed to a Burmese python kept as a pet. Snakes measuring over 6 feet require a special permit to own per Section 6.04.110 - Exotic animals in the Municipal Code

With Fountain's close proximity to many open spaces and waterways, residents may often encounter local wildlife. Personal safety should always be observed by keeping your distance. Wildlife that is injured or poses a threat should be reported to the Fountain Police Department at (719) 382-8555 and/or Colorado Division of Wildlife at (719) 227-5200. For information about living with wildlife, please refer to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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