The City of Fountain Fire Department covers a city of 25 square miles with a population of 33,000 citizens. The department also covers 19 miles of Interstate 25 from mile post 135 south to the Pueblo County line, mile post 116. The department has 52 career Fire Fighters and 50 Volunteer Fire Fighters and support staff, which work out of three fire stations. The Fire Department provides; Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention and Education, Basic and Advanced Medical Life Support, Ambulance transport, Hazardous Materials Unit, Heavy Rescue Unit, Technical Rescue Team and Wild land Fire Team.




flames with words burn ban update
As of July 24, 2018 the City of Fountain is no longer under Stage 1 Burn Restrictions. The current Restrictions can be found under our Burn Info page. As always, there are restrictions with what can and cannot be done, but we are no longer under Stage 1 in Fountain.

On Red Flag Warning days no fire pits or open burning will be allowed to include residential properties.

This is not to be confused with the El Paso County Burn Restrictions which apply to the Unincorporated Areas of El Paso County. The City of Fountain follows its own burn restrictions as set by the Fire Chief of the City.



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Mission Statement:

To minimize loss of life, suffering and damage due to fire, medical, and environmental emergencies within the community of Fountain through public education, code management, and incident response.


The City of Fountain Fire Department is committed to protecting citizens, visitors, animals, property, and the environment within our community.  We will be responsive to the needs of our citizens and visitors by providing rapid, professional, and humanitarian services essential to the health, safety, and well-being of the community.  We will accomplish our mission through prevention, fire suppression, advanced medical services, hazard mitigation, and other related emergency and non-emergency activities.  We will actively participate in our community, serve as role models and strive to effectively utilize all of the necessary resources available to provide a service deemed excellent by our citizens. 

Average Response Time 4.59 minutes

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Office of the Chief


Interim Fire Chief Michael Orr has served with the City Of Fountain Fire Department since 2016. He grew up in Oregon and graduated in 1982 from Elkton High School. He served in the U.S. Army from 1982-1992. He was based out of Fort Carson, Germany and many other overseas areas. He then worked at Fort Carson Fire department from 1995-2015 and retired as the Deputy Fire Chief. He loves hunting, camping, hiking and ATV riding. He is also known for his awesome BBQ skills and can be often seen cooking for many of our station events.


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Fire Prevention / Fire Safety


The mission of the City of Fountain Fire Prevention Division is to protect the citizens, visitors, property and the environment within our community. The Fountain Fire Prevention Division will accomplish this by the implementation, administration and enforcement of the fire and life safety codes and through the prevention of fires.

Fire Inspections, Fire Code Enforcement, Fire Investigation, Public Fire & Life Safety Education, Hazardous Material Management Planning, Plan Review, Fire Permits and Fire Engineering.

Personnel within this section are perform all Fire Code compliance inspections associated with new construction activities, complaints, referrals, special events, etc. They also support the on duty firefighting personnel by responding to incidents requiring their expertise, assisting them with issues regarding the Fire Code, inspections, and other needs as required. 
Click here to see Fountain's Fire Code

The Fire Engineering & Plan Review Section assures new commercial structures will meet not only Fire Code provisions, but also the Fire Department Operations personnel's needs during emergency responses. The section is responsible for reviewing fire protection system plans, new commercial building plans, new development plans, hazardous materials management planning and issuing the required fire department permits.


Fire InspectionThe Fountain Fire Investigation Team promotes a safer community through fire problem identification and the reduction of fire incident frequency with regular feedback to the Department's overall fire mitigation strategy. The investigation team members are sworn fire fighters and Colorado Peace Officers who investigate and assist in prosecution of the crime of arson in collaboration with surrounding federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. They are responsible for determining origin and cause of all fires within the City of Fountain and provide investigative services involving hostile fire events.

We will work together to create a safer City of Fountain through fire & life safety educational efforts, coalitions and awareness by changing unsafe behaviors and impacting high risk audiences based on community needs. As a resource to the community the City of Fountain Fire Department has compiled fire and life safety information to assist you in taking the initiative in keeping your family and home safe.

Visits to the fire station are a popular activity for children. Visits may be arranged by telephone, (719) 393-6890 or (719) 393-6891, and speak to the Fire Prevention staff to make an appointment.

Fire Department personnel visit classrooms at local schools with a fire prevention message each October during National Fire Prevention Week. Fire safety & education programs are available for business and community groups on request. 

To contact the Fire Prevention Division call (719) 393-6890.

Special Teams


The City of Fountain Fire Department Tactical Emergency Medical Services (T.E.M.S) team works hand in hand with the City of Fountain’s Police Department Rapid Response Team (RRT). Just as military operations units include a medical contingent into its operational plans; this joint effort incorporates specially trained EMS Paramedics/EMT’S into the City of Fountain Police Department’s tactical operations. The Tactical EMS (TEMS) Paramedics/EMT’S provide medical support during training and operational missions and are equipped to provide immediate medical support within the inner perimeter of any tactical operation. Thus, an injured officer, civilian or suspect will be provided immediate access to medical care, despite hazardous conditions that might otherwise delay treatment.


ATEMS Teamll Firefighters are trained to handle HazMat incidents. A special Hazardous Materials Team, is made up of ten highly trained members of the Fountain Fire Department. They are specially trained to mitigate small to large scale incidents. They are also trained to respond to Terrorist with Weapons of Mass Destruction, radiological, biological and chemical incidents.

The Fire Department Technical Rescue Team, is made up of ten highly trained members of the Fountain Fire Department. They respond to extreme difficult types of rescue situations. They are trained in swift water, ice, rope, confined space, and dive rescue.

The Fire Department Wildland Team is made up of several highly trained members of the Fountain Fire Department. They combat Wildland fires in the City of Fountain and are often requested from other fire departments for assistance on large wildland fires.

Animal RescueThe animal rescue team responds to emergencies that can range from animals hit by vehicles, animals falling through ice, animal attacks on other animals, animals needing rescue from becoming trapped in fences, ditches, culverts and storm water pipes and being locked inside vehicles.

Members of the Auxiliary are people that do not wish to be Firefighters; however, they wish to assist the Fire Department and the community by providing meals and refreshments for meetings,providing clothing, food and shelter for citizens when they have a fire in their homes, providing meals and refreshments for Firefighters on emergency scenes, assisting people in need within the community with clothing or food, providing toys and food during the Holiday season for less fortunate families.

The Auxiliary maintains the Fire Department's Rehabilitation Unit. This unit is brought to prolonged emergency scenes as a place for Firefighters to acquire needed food, drinks and shelter. The Rehab Unit has a refrigerator that keeps drinks cold and is stocked with energy producing non-perishable foods. The Auxiliary members have several fundraisers to receive finances needed to perform this valuable service to and for our Firefighters.


Privacy Practices




The City of Fountain Fire Department is required by law to maintain the privacy of certain confidential health care information, known as Protected Health Information or PHI, and to provide you with a notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your PHI. The City of Fountain Fire Department is also required to abide by the terms of the version of this Notice currently in effect. 

Uses and Disclosures of PHI: The City of Fountain Fire Department may use PHI for the purposes of treatment, payment, and health care operations, in most cases without your written permission. Examples of our use of your PHI:

For treatment. This includes such things as obtaining verbal and written information about your medical condition and treatment from you as well as from others, such as doctors and nurses who give orders to allow us to provide treatment to you. We may give your PHI to other health care providers involved in your treatment, and may transfer your PHI via radio or telephone to the hospital or dispatch center.

For payment. This includes any activities we must undertake in order to get reimbursed for the services we provide to you, including such things as submitting bills to insurance companies, making medical necessity determinations and collecting outstanding accounts.

For health care operations. This includes quality assurance activities, licensing, and training programs to ensure that our personnel meet our standards of care and follow established policies and procedures, as well as certain other management functions.

Reminders for Scheduled Transports and Information on Other ServicesWe may also contact you to provide you with a reminder of any scheduled appointments for non-emergency ambulance and medical transportation, or to provide information about other services we render.

Use and Disclosure of PHI Without Your Authorization. The City of Fountain Fire Department is permitted to use PHI without your written authorization, or opportunity to object, in certain situations, and unless prohibited by a more stringent state law, including:

  • For the treatment, payment or health care operations activities of another health care provider who treats you;
  • For health care and legal compliance activities;
  • To a family member, other relative, or close personal friend or other individual involved in your care if we obtain your verbal agreement to do so or if we give you an opportunity to object to such a disclosure and you do not raise an objection, and in certain other circumstances where we are unable to obtain your agreement and believe the disclosure is in your best interests;
  • To a public health authority in certain situations as required by law (such as to report abuse, neglect or domestic violence;