Lighten the Load

Fountain Utilities Payment Assistance Program, Lighten the Load

Every year, families throughout our community struggle to pay their utility
 bill.  At Fountain Utilities, we understand the difficult times some of our neighbors face, so we created the Lighten the Load Program.

Lighten the Load is a voluntary contribution program which provides assistance to individuals and families with temporary, short-term payment of their utility bill.  The program is funded by customer donations,unclaimed deposits, and a portion of late fees.

Making a Difference

Sandy is a single mother with three very young children. She was working a full-time job, until she was diagnosed with cancer. While undergoing treatment and recovering, she ran out of paid time off. With no other income, she found herself struggling to keep food on the table and utility service on. To make matters worse, one of her children was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, which meant more trips to the doctor and additional costs which she had no way of paying for at the time.

That is when the Lighten the Load Program became so important. "I just needed some help," Sandy said. "I just had this one road block, and I knew that after this, I could take care of myself and my family." Sandy was able to receive payment assistance for her utility bill, easing her heavy burden and allowing her to focus on taking care of herself and her family.

Thank you!

How You Can Help

The next time you pay your utility bill, sign up to donate to the Lighten the Load Program! Your donation will go towards helping others in our community! Download the Customer Contribution Authorization Form, or ask our Customer Service Specialists for a form the next time you visit our office.

Donations may be tax deductible. Please refer to IRS rules, or check with your tax professional.

Do You Need Assistance? 

Fountain Utilities partners with local non-profit agencies to administer the Lighten the Load Program. The agencies are the first point of contact to discuss your situation and identify assistance that may be available to you. 

The Salvation Army of the Fountain Valley
208 Cunningham Drive
Colorado Springs, CO  80911
(719) 382-1182

REACH Pikes Peak
501 East Iowa Avenue
Fountain, CO 80817